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Centralizing License Management at Penn

Building a Centralized License-Management Solution at the University of Pennsylvania

With Kivuto Cloud, the University of Pennsylvania is working toward a truly centralized solution for managing licenses and distributing software.

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The Case for Centralizing Software Management in Education

Centralizing the management and distribution of software simplifies life for students and IT staff in education. Here’s how.

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La Trobe Replaces Legacy License Management System

Replacing La Trobe University’s Legacy License-Management System

La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, was using a patchwork of home-grown systems to manage…

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2020 Survey: A New Era of Learning Brings Complex Challenges for Academic…

Survey Results Reveal Complex Challenges Ahead for Academic IT Teams Get a better understanding of the current state of digital-resource management in…

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3 Hurdles Ahead for Academic IT Teams

Education is changing to keep pace with an increasingly high-tech world. Technology is no longer limited to a supporting role at academic…

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The Three Cs for Academic IT Teams: Centralization

Kivuto just released a comprehensive report on how academic institutions manage the software, cloud products, and other digital resources used on campus.…

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New Survey Highlights the Challenges and Complexities of Managing and Distributing Academic…

Technology is integral to education. Today’s students are digital natives, training for careers that will almost all require some use of tech…

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Kivuto Cloud: Centralized Management and Distribution of Digital Resources

Centralize the management and distribution of academic digital resources at your institution to free up IT resources and make it easier for…

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Centralizing IT at Austin Community College

How Centralizing IT Resources Helped Austin Community College Streamline Cost Recovery

Austin Community College is a leader in providing quality, affordable education and technical training to students looking to get a degree or…

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Streamlining Software Delivery at Hochschule Bochum

Streamlining Software Delivery at Hochschule Bochum

Hochschule Bochum is a mid-sized higher-education institution in the Ruhr region of Germany. The school is comprised of approximately 7,500 students and…

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Consolidate, Centralize, and Save – Strategic Licensing Approaches

Summary Kivuto’s Chief Product Officer spoke at the UB Tech 2019 conference about the value and challenges of centralizing license management in…

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Consolidate, Centralize, and Save: Strategic Licensing Approaches

The UB Tech 2019 conference was earlier this month, with representatives from the tech sector and higher education convening in Orlando, FLA.…

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