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Overcoming Resistance to Changes in Technology

Embracing innovation and change is paramount for the progress and enhancement of the education system. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, educational…

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Three Software-Distribution Practices That Drive Down Adoption Rates in Education

The way in which institutions distribute software to students can negatively impact adoption rates. Is your institution making any of these three common mistakes?

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Three Insights IT Needs to Effectively Manage Software Licenses in Education

Data is essential to informed decision-making. These three pieces of info are critical to the effective management of software licenses at academic institutions.

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IT, It’s Time for Change – Interactive Tool

See how you can turn your pains into gains with Kivuto Cloud. Explore everyday pain points of academic IT, and then learn…

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Dave - Your Brand Advocate

Meet Dave: Your New Brand Advocate

Meet Dave: Your New Brand Advocate. Getting your software into students’ hands creates lifelong advocates for your brand and helps establish your

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Kivuto and the University of Missouri

Mike Watson, from the University of Missouri’s Division of Information Technology, discusses how Kivuto helped his school offer Adobe Creative Cloud to…

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Image of Document: Solution Guide for Book Publishers

Kivuto Cloud for Book Publishers

Publishers: Expand the reach of your eBooks in the education market. Find out how Kivuto can help.

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Image of Document: Solution Guide for Software Vendors

Kivuto Cloud for Software Vendors

Kivuto works with software vendors to create, manage, and deliver their software and academic programs to more schools, students, and educators.

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Managing Adobe ETLAs with Kivuto Cloud

With Adobe’s tools becoming increasingly crucial to student success, schools are looking for ways to manage and fund a transition to Adobe’s…

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Combating Shelfware in Education

Shelfware is a common issue in many large organization, and educational institutions are no exception. And while it’s not surprising that schools occasionally over-order software, what is surprising is the extent of the problem.

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Adobe Identity Types | Adobe License Management | Manage Adobe Creative Cloud | Adobe Cloud License Management | Adobe License Cost

Adobe Identity Types: Which Is Best For Your Institution?

Adobe Creative Cloud agreements support several methods of identifying and licensing users. These identity types define ownership and control of user accounts,…

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Consolidate, Centralize, and Save – Strategic Licensing Approaches

Summary Kivuto’s Chief Product Officer spoke at the UB Tech 2019 conference about the value and challenges of centralizing license management in…

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