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Case Study

Replacing La Trobe University’s Legacy License-Management System

La Trobe Replaces Legacy License Management System


La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, was using a patchwork of home-grown systems to manage software licenses. But differences between systems used by various departments made it challenging to distribute software across campus. The IT department also had concerns about the security of these aging, FTP-based systems and the long-term viability of maintaining them. The university needed a solution that could be used to manage their existing digital resources and support cloud licensing and other new models as needed.


The university chose Kivuto Cloud to replace their existing solution. Kivuto Cloud helped them manage licenses for digital resources, while providing the following additional benefits.

  • Simple management of departmental licenses
  • The ability to distribute individual license keys directly to users
  • Detailed, on-demand reporting
  • A secure online portal where students and faculty can self-serve access to software


La Trobe replaced the disparate, unsecure systems used by various departments with a single, central, and secure solution. This gave central IT more control over how software licenses are managed and distributed while providing a streamlined and standardized experience to students and faculty throughout the school. Kivuto Cloud also saved the school the cost of hiring another resource to manage license distribution.

Kivuto Cloud has been so popular that students and faculty have requested that it be used to provide access to all of their digital resources.

About La Trobe University

Established in 1967, La Trobe University is one of Australia’s pioneering universities. Renowned for its academic excellence and research achievements, the school educates over 30,000 students at campuses across Australia. For more information, visit

About Kivuto

For over 20 years, Kivuto has transformed the way academic software is pioneered and delivered. Today, Kivuto streamlines academic software and digital resources in one central platform, providing students, faculty, and staff with a one-stop shop to seamlessly access their resources. For more information, visit

About Kivuto Cloud

Manage, distribute, and recover costs on any digital resource in a single cloud-based platform. Kivuto Cloud removes the challenges of resource and license management. For more information, visit

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