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La Trobe University Uses Kivuto Cloud to Replace Legacy License-Management System and Easily Distribute Software to Students and Faculty

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La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, was using a patchwork of home-grown systems to manage software licenses. But differences between systems used by various departments made it challenging to distribute software across campus. The IT department also had concerns about the security of these aging, FTP-based systems and the long-term viability of maintaining them. The university needed a solution that could be used to manage their existing digital resources and support cloud licensing and other new models as needed.


The university chose Kivuto Cloud to replace their existing solution. Kivuto Cloud helped them manage licenses for digital resources, while providing the following additional benefits.

“Kivuto Cloud saves me a lot of time and ensures that my students and faculty get access to the resources they need in an environment that is easy to use and familiar to them, regardless of which department they are part of.”

– Adriano, IT Services Manager

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