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Is it Time for Higher Education to Embrace eBooks?

Education has been going digital for decades. This transformation has accelerated and taken on new urgency this year, as schools were forced…

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How IT Leaders in Higher Education Can Invest Today – and See…

The COVID-19 crisis has universities and colleges across the country scrambling to help students get access to resources at home, on campus,…

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IT, It’s Time for Change – Interactive Tool

See how you can turn your pains into gains with Kivuto Cloud. Explore everyday pain points of academic IT, and then learn…

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COVID-19 and the Future of Education

COVID-19 has redefined the status quo and changed every aspect of our lives this year. Education is no exception. Colleges and universities…

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Meet Dave: Your New Brand Advocate

Meet Dave: Your New Brand Advocate. Getting your software into students’ hands creates lifelong advocates for your brand and helps establish your

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Featured Image of Mike Watson at EDUCAUSE 2019

Kivuto and the University of Missouri

Mike Watson, from the University of Missouri’s Division of Information Technology, discusses how Kivuto helped his school offer Adobe Creative Cloud to…

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Image of Document: Solution Guide for SPSS Campus Edition

SPSS Campus Edition

Get More Value from SPSS Campus Edition SPSS Campus Edition is the most effective way to make IBM SPSS software available across…

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Kivuto Cloud & SPSS Campus Edition Embedded Solution

Giving students and faculty members controlled access to IBM SPSS Statistics licenses is easy with SPSS Campus Edition powered by Kivuto Cloud.…

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Innovator Spotlight: Kivuto

Innovations of the World profiles Kivuto (as seen in Innovate Ottawa).

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Image of Document: Solution Guide for Book Publishers

Kivuto for Book Publishers

Expand the Reach of your eBooks in the Education Market The digitization of education is creating new opportunities and challenges for book…

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COVID-19’s Lessons for Colleges and Universities

Responding to COVID-19 hasn’t been easy for higher-ed institutions. They’ve had to absorb new costs with less revenue. Their IT teams had…

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Kivuto Cloud Plans

Whether you have a single piece of software to distribute within your department or hundreds of digital licenses to make available campus-wide,…

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