What we do

We provide customized, turnkey digital distribution and management solutions that enable the secure delivery of digital course materials to individuals and organizations anywhere in the world. As the pioneer of advanced digital distribution solutions, we simplify the process of delivering any digital goods to any market under virtually any terms and conditions. Our hosted, flexible and scalable solutions are used by software publishers, content owners, resellers, public and private institutions who require flexible, secure, and scalable business-to-business (B2B), or business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) distribution channels to market.

Our flexible solutions are designed to meet the needs of the entire digital supply chain; simplifying the process of getting digital goods into the hands of individuals and reducing the total cost of distribution and compliance requirements for content owners and vendors.

Who we serve

All of our digital distribution and management solutions can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of:


Academic institutions

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Students, parents, faculty and staff

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Software publishers

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Online retailers, resellers and OEMs

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SMBs & enterprises

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Publisher Partners

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  • With an international client base and relationships with leading content owners such as Microsoft, Adobe, VMware, Pearson and Nelson, Kivuto is a trusted source of advanced digital distribution solutions that bridge the gap between many of the world’s largest publishers and the institutions and end users they serve.

    Through a growing network of over 60,000 academic and commercial organizations and departments, we support millions of transactions annually in 195 countries and several languages. The majority of transactions are via ESD, but delivery of physical media is also supported.

    Whether you are a member of a school or an SMB, reseller or content owner, our solutions will streamline the processes associated with the distribution and license management of digital course materials.

  • Ram Raju is the CEO and founder of Kivuto. Prior to founding Kivuto, Ram had over a decade of experience operating a campus-wide software deployment and licensing department and managing a retail software and hardware store at a large Canadian University. These years provided him with an intimate understanding of the logistics and challenges inherent in managing complex, digital software distribution.

    Kivuto was formerly known as e-academy. e-academy simplified the distribution of software in the education market. Millions of students, faculty and staff around the world have since benefited from such innovative programs as DreamSpark (free Microsoft software for the Information Systems, Engineering, Computer Science and Design schools), software rental programs for a variety of products, such as SPSS products and Minitab, and volume license management programs.

    As Kivuto, we have expanded beyond our solutions for software distribution to include all digital course materials. Our vision is to simplify and accelerate how institutions and organizations go digital for a more powerful and accessible tomorrow.

  • Digital Resource Portal

    Kivuto's distribution portal provides you with a branded or white label digital portal and web store built on our proprietary Electronic License Management System (ELMS).

    The robust, all-in-one ELMS is the most flexible, scalable and customizable digital distribution and management platform on the market. It can be configured to manage the complete digital distribution process or specific functions, as needed. Plus, its advanced capabilities are also available as modular services, which can support and enhance any digital distribution program with everything from user verification to license key and download fulfillment services. We cover verification, account management, e-commerce, secure distribution, reporting and more in a cloud-based environment engineered for advanced digital distribution and management applications.

    With an unparalleled policy enforcement and user authentication engine, ELMS reduces distribution and support costs while expanding reach and boosting sales and adoption rates. It ensures digital course materials are distributed to the right customers under the right terms, conditions and prices anywhere in the world.

    With an unparalleled policy enforcement and user authentication engine, ELMS reduces distribution and support costs while expanding reach and boosting sales. It ensures software and other digital goods are distributed to the right customers under the right terms, conditions and prices anywhere in the world.

    Publisher Asset Library
    The Publisher Asset Library is a web-based collaborative catalogue of resources containing accurate national and custom asset information which is shared between Publishers and Colleges and Universities. This is made possible through a connection with an Online Information Exchange (ONIX) from Publishers.

    This web-based repository of publisher’s eText information streamlines the faculty’s selection process, by providing access to eText information, pricing and other important aspects. The Publisher Asset Library has the ability to add local resources or product catalogs from smaller publishers for greater utility and cohesiveness. It easily integrates into the eText Adoption System.

    eText Adoption System

    This innovative eText adoption system allows faculty to easily select the resources they need from the asset library and facilitates administration of the text adoption process. All resources are categorized in a hierarchal format according to each institutions faculty structure. This allows all eText adoption to be organized within the existing organizational format, making research, browsing and selection simple.

    Texidium simplifies the faculty’s adoption of eTexts with an online platform that allows them to research and select available resources, or view the total library content of publishers. Faculty members are then able to select their resources both in print and digital format, from the Publisher Asset Library. The system also streamlines the approval, ordering and administration of the text selection process.

    eReader Platform

    Our cloud-based eReader was designed with the student learning experience in mind, addressing high standards of accessibility and available on all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web).

    Equipped with device syncing, highlighting, note-taking, bookmarking and sharing functionality, the eReader provides a seamless user experience on and offline that will foster collaboration and improve communication between students, trainees, and educators.

  • Built for secure digital transactions
    To ensure availability and reliability, the databases that enable the ELMS platform are protected via high-powered, clustered servers connected to a very powerful and reliable Storage Area Network (SAN).

    Engineered for reliability
    The platform is engineered for high capacity and automatic failover capability. It provides additional redundancy and protection via Availability Group Replicas on physically separate servers with dedicated high-performance storage. This eliminates a potential single point of failure within the network.

    Optimized for performance
    The platform also makes extensive use of queuing and caching technologies to ensure the best possible performance for web stores and web services with near 100 percent uptime.

    Proven worldwide
    With this infrastructure, the Kivuto ELMS makes it easier to address complex digital distribution and management requirements quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. It enables the delivery of any digital good to any market under virtually any terms and conditions, or to multiple markets under multiple distribution and business models.

    To date, this flexible, reliable platform has served as the foundation for over 24,000 web stores around the world. It enables the distribution of software in 195 countries and supports 14 languages.

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