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Centralized License Management at Penn

Designing a Centralized License Management Solution at the University of Pennsylvania

Join Kivuto CEO Mark McKenzie and University of Pennsylvania Associate VP Chris Bradie as they discuss Penn’s journey toward a truly centralized solution for managing software licenses. From the 2021 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.

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How IT Leaders in Higher Education Can Invest Today – and See…

The COVID-19 crisis has universities and colleges across the country scrambling to help students get access to resources at home, on campus,…

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IT, It’s Time for Change – Interactive Tool

See how you can turn your pains into gains with Kivuto Cloud. Explore everyday pain points of academic IT, and then learn…

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Image of Document: Solution Guide for SPSS Campus Edition

SPSS Campus Edition

Discover how Kivuto Cloud and SPSS Campus Edition together can maximize the value of your SPSS licenses.

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Image of Document: Solution Guide for Book Publishers

Kivuto Cloud for Book Publishers

Publishers: Expand the reach of your eBooks in the education market. Find out how Kivuto can help.

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COVID-19’s Lessons for Colleges and Universities

Responding to COVID-19 hasn’t been easy for higher-ed institutions. They’ve had to absorb new costs with less revenue. Their IT teams had…

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What is HECVAT and Why is it Important?

Anyone who works in higher education, or for a solution provider that serves colleges and universities, may have heard the term HECVAT…

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Controlling Academic IT Costs After COVID-19

Our last blog post looked at the many ways in which COVID-19 is costing schools money. Between additional technology costs to support…

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Reaction to Recovery

From Reaction to Recovery: Academic IT After the COVID-19 Response

Higher education responded rapidly to the COVID-19 crisis. Now, as institutions move from reaction to recovery mode, they’ll have to grapple with…

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The New Normal: Academic IT After COVID-19 Emergency Response

It is reassuring to see how rapidly the education industry has mobilized remote learning in response to campus closures during the COVID-19…

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Three Ways Tech Companies are Helping Academic Institutions Cope with COVID-19

COVID-19 is creating unprecedented challenges for academic institutions around the world. Education is interactive by nature, but now schools are being forced…

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Managing Adobe ETLAs with Kivuto Cloud

With Adobe’s tools becoming increasingly crucial to student success, schools are looking for ways to manage and fund a transition to Adobe’s…

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