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Cybersecurity in Education

Why Are Schools So Vulnerable to Cybersecurity Threats?

Cybersecurity threats are a major problem in higher education. Here are three reasons why schools make such tempting cyberattack targets.

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More Requirements for Schools to Stay GDPR-Compliant

This follow-up to our post about how the GDPR complicates the use of cloud software in education provides an overview of other aspects of the law schools should keep in mind.

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Is Your School Providing Cloud Software in Compliance with the GDPR?

There’s one clause of the GDPR that makes compliance particularly challenging for academic institutions that offer cloud-based software.

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Privacy Laws and Education

How Privacy Laws Are Complicating Academic IT Around the World

As strict privacy laws are passed around the world, IT teams in education face new challenges. Here are a few ways the GDPR, FIPPA, and CCPA are complicating academic IT.

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Digital Service Providers

What Schools Should Look For (and Avoid) in Potential Service Providers

Higher-ed institutions must work with many digital service providers. But how can they assess these vendors’ ability to ensure data privacy and security?

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User authentication in education

Best Practices in User Authentication All Schools Should Follow

School systems used to be closed, which made ensuring security simple. But due to the interconnectivity demanded by the online age, these…

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Compliance in Education: Why is it So Complex?

Academic institutions have to comply with a myriad of laws, standards, and business rules. Here’s why education’s digital age is making compliance more complicated.

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What is HECVAT and Why is it Important?

Anyone who works in higher education, or for a solution provider that serves colleges and universities, may have heard the term HECVAT…

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Compliance First

Compliance First: Secure Academic Licensing in the Cloud Age

Ryan Peatt, Kivuto’s Chief Product Officer, speaks about the importance and challenges of ensuring digital security and compliance in higher education –…

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Featured Image - Person using a laptop, screen displays browsing with a security icon

Three Reasons Why Schools Should Prioritize Data Privacy

Simon Fraser University in BC, Canada, announced that it was hit by a data breach earlier this month. The breach, which resulted…

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Featured Image - Text "Compliance" Person typing on laptop keyboard. Icons of security, cloud, and database

The Three Cs for Academic IT Teams: Compliance

Kivuto recently released a report on how academic institutions manage the software, cloud products, and other digital resources used on campus. Based…

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New Survey Highlights the Challenges and Complexities of Managing and Distributing Academic…

Technology is integral to education. Today’s students are digital natives, training for careers that will almost all require some use of tech…

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