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Adobe License Management Made Easy with Kivuto Cloud

Kumiko Saito
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Adobe license management can be challenging in academic environments.  But Adobe Creative Cloud products are industry standards in many professions and required software for many courses. Equipping students with Creative Cloud is increasingly essential to preparing them for success in their future careers.

The good news is that managing Adobe licenses doesn’t have to be a hassle. By using Kivuto Cloud to manage and provide access to the software, schools can avoid the complexities and control the costs of licensing that software for their students.

Here are some key ways Kivuto Cloud simplifies Adobe license management.

A More Affordable Way to Manage Adobe Licenses

Licensing cloud or SaaS software for an academic institution can be expensive, and Adobe Creative Cloud is no exception. Kivuto Cloud can help keep these costs under control.

The platform’s secure e-commerce feature enables schools to recover costs (or even generate revenue) by charging end users for access to software. By taking this approach with Adobe Creative Cloud, one large US university recovered over $180,000 USD in just one year.

Recovering costs in this fashion isn’t just financially beneficial for schools. Charging students for software can save them money too. This may sound counterintuitive. But by leveraging their greater purchasing power to license an entire department or campus (e.g. through an Adobe ETLA), schools can sell access to students for far below retail price and still generate revenue.

How Mizzou Saves Students Money on Adobe Creative Cloud

Mike Watson, from the University of Missouri’s Division of Information Technology, discusses how Kivuto Cloud enabled his institution offer Adobe Creative Cloud to students in a simple and cost-effective fashion.

Streamlined and Centralized Management

Kivuto Cloud drastically reduces the back-end work involved in managing Adobe Creative Cloud licenses.

The platform automates the most time-consuming tasks involved in managing cloud software. Verifying user eligibility, collecting payments, distributing sign-in credentials, managing user accounts, provisioning and deprovisioning licenses – all of these administrative burdens are taken off of IT’s shoulders. Kivuto also provides end-user support around accessing and installing the software, which frees up even more staff time and resources.

Kivuto Cloud can also centralize the management of other cloud and SaaS software licensed by an institution. This means no more having to master multiple platforms and processes to manage each cloud product individually (the single biggest challenge to managing these products, according to our 2020 academic IT survey). Kivuto Cloud provides one central admin portal to manage them all.

Compliance and Privacy Protection

Managing licenses for cloud software like Adobe Creative Cloud comes with certain risks for academic institutions. Kivuto Cloud is the best way to safeguard against these risks.

Single sign-on (SSO) authentication and customizable business rules ensure that only eligible users can access the software. Automatic deprovisioning revokes access as users lose their eligibility (or after a configurable duration). This helps ensure compliance with the terms of your institution’s Adobe licensing agreement without any effort from IT staff.

Just-in-time provisioning automatically creates accounts in the Adobe Admin Console as eligible users order the software. This removes the need for IT to import users in bulk with Adobe’s user sync tool. Since such imports raise data-privacy concerns and risk running afoul of some privacy laws (e.g. the GDPR in the EU), this can help protect schools against potentially severe fines for noncompliance.

Enhance How Your Institution Manages Adobe Licenses

Learn more about how Kivuto’s platform streamlines the management and distribution of Adobe Creative Cloud licenses. Get in touch with us to book a demo today.

A One-Stop Shop for Students

Kivuto Cloud doesn’t just simplify Adobe license management. It also simplifies how students, staff, and faculty access Adobe Creative Cloud.

Users sign in to their school’s WebStore via their school’s SSO, so there’s no need for them to create a new account or remember new credentials. Once signed in, any user eligible for Adobe Creative Cloud can self-serve access to the software through a quick and intuitive checkout process. Ordering the software automatically provisions them a license – which is automatically deprovisioned when the user’s eligibility expires (e.g. after a configurable amount of time or due to a change in their academic status).

Kivuto Cloud WebStores can facilitate access to more than just Adobe Creative Cloud. They can provide a central access point for any and all software, eBooks, and other digital resources an institution has licensed, providing students, staff, and faculty with a one-stop shop for everything they need.

Find out how Kivuto Cloud can help your institution streamline and simplify Adobe license management. Contact us for more info or to book a demo.

Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud with Kivuto Cloud

Kumiko Saito

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