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A New Era of Learning – 2020 Survey Results

Kivuto is pleased to present the results of our new academic IT study conducted in partnership with University Business. For this inaugural…

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Image of Document: Solution Guide for Kivuto Cloud

Kivuto Cloud for Academic Institutions

Education Has Gone Digital Technology is integral to education. Academic institutions have to provide access to a wide range of software, cloud…

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2020 Survey: A New Era of Learning Brings Complex Challenges for Academic…

Survey Results Reveal Complex Challenges Ahead for Academic IT Teams Get a better understanding of the current state of digital-resource management in…

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3 Hurdles Ahead for Academic IT Teams

Education is changing to keep pace with an increasingly high-tech world. Technology is no longer limited to a supporting role at academic…

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New Survey Highlights the Challenges and Complexities of Managing and Distributing Academic…

Technology is integral to education. Today’s students are digital natives, training for careers that will almost all require some use of tech…

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Is Your Home-Grown Software Distribution Solution Ready for the Cloud?

School IT teams often build their own systems to manage and distribute software licenses and other digital resources on campus. This is…

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EDUCAUSE’S Top 10 IT Issues in Education: The Final Five

Over the past few months, we’ve been looking at Educause’s 2019 list of the top ten IT priorities in higher education. From…

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Consolidate, Centralize, and Save – Strategic Licensing Approaches

Summary Kivuto’s Chief Product Officer spoke at the UB Tech 2019 conference about the value and challenges of centralizing license management in…

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Addressing The Time and Cost Management Challenges for Higher Ed IT teams

Managing digital access to learning tools in the shortest possible time has become a pre-requisite of the digital age we are in…

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