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Combating Shelfware in Education

Shelfware is a common issue in many large organization, and educational institutions are no exception. And while it’s not surprising that schools occasionally over-order software, what is surprising is the extent of the problem.

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EDUCAUSE’S Top 10 IT Issues in Education: The Final Five

Over the past few months, we’ve been looking at Educause’s 2019 list of the top ten IT priorities in higher education. From…

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Adobe Identity Types: Which Is Best For Your Institution?

Adobe Creative Cloud agreements support several methods of identifying and licensing users. These identity types define ownership and control of user accounts,…

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Technology in Education: How We Got Here and Why it’s So Complicated

This year’s UB Tech® conference saw representatives from the higher-ed and tech industries discussing how to best leverage technology in classrooms. Our…

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The Importance of Digital Integration in Higher Education

We’re midway through Educause’s list of the top 10 IT issues in higher education for 2019. Our fifth installment examines the importance and challenges of digital integration for school IT teams.

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Technology’s Role in Creating Student-Centered Academic Institutions

Welcome to part four of our blog series on Educause’s top ten IT issues affecting higher education. In this installment, we’ll look…

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Consolidate, Centralize, and Save: Strategic Licensing Approaches

The UB Tech 2019 conference was earlier this month, with representatives from the tech sector and higher education convening in Orlando, FLA.…

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Overcoming Data Privacy Issues in Higher Education

Welcome to part 3 of our blog series in which we discuss Educause’s Top 10 IT issues. In this blog we are…

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Why has Student Success Become Such a Challenging Objective for Higher Education…

If you were asked, “what drives student success?”, you probably wouldn’t be able to come up with just one definite answer.  However,…

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Information Security Strategy – The Top IT Issue for Higher Education

While digital technology has unarguably ushered in a wonderful innovation in teaching and learning methodologies, it has also brought with it a…

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How Can Higher Ed IT Teams Improve Academic Resource Adoption Rates?

In today’s world, digital literacy and digital equity are being acknowledged as the main drivers of student success for any educational institution.…

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Addressing The Time and Cost Management Challenges for Higher Ed IT teams

Managing digital access to learning tools in the shortest possible time has become a pre-requisite of the digital age we are in…

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