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UB Tech 2019 Conference

Consolidate, Centralize, and Save: Strategic Licensing Approaches

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The UB Tech® 2019 conference was earlier this month, with representatives from the tech sector and higher education convening in Orlando, FLA. Ryan Peatt – Chief Product Officer here at Kivuto – was on site to give a presentation called Consolidate, Centralize, and Save: Strategic Licensing Approaches. Ryan’s talk covered a lot of the pain points involved in licensing software for higher education. He identified the innovations in technology – most recently the shift to the cloud – that have…

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Cost recovery challenges in license management

Cost Recovery Challenges in Software Licensing

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Despite a decrease in university funding, the need for students, faculty, and staff to become digitally literate continues to increase. Many schools undertake initiatives to improve digital literacy by expanding the number of academic resources made available to constituents, resulting in a strain on budgets. Many have turned to cost recovery, where end users are charged a nominal fee to recoup costs associated with software licensing. “If students are going to become more digitally literate, Vanderbilt needs to make the…

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