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Three More Ways to Future-Proof How Your School Manages Software Licenses

Part two of this two-part blog series provides three more tips for creating a future-proof solution for managing software licenses in education.

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Three Ways to Future-Proof How Your School Manages Software Licenses

How can schools create a future-proof solution for managing software licenses? Here are three tips to put your institution on the right track.

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EDUCAUSE 2022 IT Priorities Blog Image

Takeaways From EDUCAUSE’s 2022 Top-10 List of Academic IT Priorities

How has two years of COVID transformed academic IT? EDUCAUSE’s annual top-10 list sheds insights on what lessons have been learned and what the future of education looks like.

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Adobe License Management with Kivuto Cloud

Adobe License Management Made Easy with Kivuto Cloud

Adobe license management is challenging in academic settings. With Kivuto Cloud, it doesn’t have to be.

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Privacy Laws and Education

How Privacy Laws Are Complicating Academic IT Around the World

As strict privacy laws are passed around the world, IT teams in education face new challenges. Here are a few ways the GDPR, FIPPA, and CCPA are complicating academic IT.

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IT and the Student Experience: How School IT and Software Licensing Teams…

School IT, Software Licensing, and Procurement teams can do a lot to improve the student experience and make student life easier. Here are 3 examples.

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The Case for Centralizing Software Management in Education

Centralizing the management and distribution of software simplifies life for students and IT staff in education. Here’s how.

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Digital Service Providers

What Schools Should Look For (and Avoid) in Potential Service Providers

Higher-ed institutions must work with many digital service providers. But how can they assess these vendors’ ability to ensure data privacy and security?

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User authentication in education

Best Practices in User Authentication All Schools Should Follow

School systems used to be closed, which made ensuring security simple. But due to the interconnectivity demanded by the online age, these…

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Three Software-Distribution Practices That Drive Down Adoption Rates in Education

The way in which institutions distribute software to students can negatively impact adoption rates. Is your institution making any of these three common mistakes?

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