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Optimize How Your Institution Manages and Accesses Software

Managing software licenses in an academic environment can be complex and consume valuable IT resources. Kivuto Cloud streamlines and automates the IT work involved in managing and provisioning access to any kind of digital license used in education.

The Complexities of Managing Digital Licenses in Education

Schools license a staggering amount of software under a variety of licensing models, eligibility restrictions, and business rules. Managing these resources is a major burden on academic IT teams.

  • Teams with limited personnel and resources manage licenses for thousands of students, staff, and faculty.
  • Distributing software and supporting students consumes valuable IT time.
  • Product eligibility changes constantly, making access restrictions difficult to enforce.
  • A lack of visibility into adoption and usage make it hard to assess demand and ensure compliance.
  • New learning and licensing models (e.g. cloud licensing and remote education) are adding new layers of complexity to this already-challenging task.
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Kivuto Cloud Can Help

Kivuto Cloud reduces the IT work and complexity involved in managing and distributing software licenses and other digital resources and makes it easier for students, faculty, and staff to obtain the digital assets they need.

Accomplish More with Kivuto Cloud

Centralize License Management and Software Access

Centralized management and distribution of digital resources cuts down on IT work and encourages product adoption by making it easy for students, faculty, and staff to get software.

With Kivuto Cloud, institutions can centrally manage and provide access to any number of digital resources under any business rules and licensing models.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Data security and compliance are top concerns in academic IT.

Kivuto Cloud provides secure access to digital resources, enforces associated business rules, and adheres to strict accessibility and data-security standards.

Gain Insights and Purchasing Power

Visibility into campus-wide demand for digital products helps institutions optimize licensing costs.

Kivuto Cloud’s on-demand reports on product adoption provide the insights needed to assess demand, avoid shelfware, and secure the best licensing rates.

Control Costs and Maximize ROI

Software licensing is a major expense for academic institutions. It will only grow as education becomes more digital and off-campus learning proliferates.

Kivuto Cloud gives schools the option to recover costs from students and faculty through secure e-commerce and interdepartmental settlements.

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Simplify Management

Automate tasks and offload end-user support to free up IT resources.

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Streamline Distribution

Provide self-serve access to software through an intuitive one-stop shop.

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Manage Any Resource

Manage and provide access to any digital resource(s) under any business rules.

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Support Any License Model

Manage subscriptions, volume licenses, site-wide licenses, cloud licenses, and more.

Our Customers

For over 20 years, Kivuto has been working with academic institutions to innovate and streamline the management and delivery of digital resources.

Kivuto Cloud Plans for Academic Institutions

Whether you have a single piece of software to distribute within your department or hundreds of digital licenses to make available campus wide, there’s a Kivuto Cloud plan to suit your needs.

Institution Starter

Manage and distribute one digital product at your institution.*

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  • One Product
  • Standard WebStore
  • Basic SSO Options
  • Default User Groups
  • Basic Reporting
  • Full Support

Institution Growth

Manage and distribute up to 10 digital products at your institution.

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  • Up To 10 Products
  • Custom WebStore
  • Advanced SSO Options
  • Unlimited User Groups
  • Full Reporting
  • Full Support

Institution Premiere

Manage and distribute unlimited digital products at your institution.

Contact Sales
  • Unlimited Products
  • Custom WebStore
  • Advanced SSO Options
  • Unlimited User Groups
  • Full Reporting
  • Full Support

* Also available: Department Starter, for use by individual departments within academic institutions.

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