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Offer eBooks to Students and Educators Through Your Own Online Store

Use Kivuto Cloud to make your eBooks and other digital learning resources available to students and educators through your own online store under your pricing, branding, and digital rights management (DRM) rules.

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Your Books

Offer any type of digital learning resource, in your choice of format, under any licensing model.

Your Brand

Make your store your own, with your company’s logo, colors, and a custom friendly URL.

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Your Prices

Make your eBooks available at any (or no) cost, or set distinct prices for different academic user types.

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Your Terms

Offer your eBooks under any eligibility restrictions, usage conditions, and DRM rules you set.

Your Kivuto Cloud WebStore

The Kivuto Cloud platform was built to facilitate the management and distribution of digital resources in education. With your own Kivuto Cloud WebStore, you can drive adoption of your eBooks in the education market by offering them directly to students and educators.

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Why Kivuto Cloud?

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Simplify Management

Automate tasks and offload end-user support to eliminate the back-end work of running an online store.

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Streamline Distribution

Provide self-serve access to your eBooks through an intuitive online store branded to your company.

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Enable Consumption

Provide an intuitive reading experience with Texidium – Kivuto’s free reading app built for academic users.

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Control Access

Use Kivuto Cloud’s verification technology to restrict store and product access to eligible academic users.

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Generate Revenue

Charge end users for access to your eBooks using Kivuto Cloud’s PCI DSS-compliant
e-commerce engine.

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Gain Insights

Generate reports on eBook adoption, financial settlements, and more to assess the success of your store.

Meet Texidium: The Reading App for Education

eBooks distributed through Kivuto Cloud are read on the Texidium Reader – Kivuto’s free reading app made specifically for academic use. Users are seamlessly registered for Texidium when they order an eBook through your Kivuto Cloud WebStore.

Features of Texidium

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Texidium supports all device types, multiple eBook formats, and both online and offline reading.

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Students and educators can make notes in their eBooks and share them online.

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Adjustable font sizes and a Read Aloud option make eBooks accessible to all learners.

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Texidium keeps user data and intellectual property (IP) secure and enforces DRM restrictions.

Offer Your Books Your Way

Kivuto enables publishers to offer eBooks under any distribution and payment model.

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Open Access

Make eBooks and open educational resources (OERS) available at no cost to eligible users.

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Online Payment

Charge end users for perpetual or temporary access to eBooks with secure e-commerce.

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Offer time-limited loans of eBooks and OERs under a digital library model.

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Protect Your IP

Safeguarding published content against unauthorized usage and reproduction are top priorities for Kivuto. Our customizable DRM restrictions protect your intellectual property and give you full control over how your eBooks are used.

  • Limit the number of devices your eBooks can be installed on.
  • Limit or prohibit printing and copying.
  • Restrict access to specific user types (e.g. students or faculty).
  • Offer temporary licenses that expire automatically after a set time.
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