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Electronic Software Delivery for Microsoft Academic Programs

Electronic Software Delivery for Microsoft Academic Programs

Distribute Software Directly to Eligible Academic Users

Kivuto is Microsoft’s Digital Distribution Service Provider for their Academic Volume License programs, including Student Option, Student Advantage, Windows Student Use Benefit and Work at Home. Eligible Microsoft academic volume licensing customers receive access to Kivuto’s platform at no charge.

Kivuto’s platform is the most flexible and secure digital distribution and management platform on the market. It enables Microsoft volume licensing customers to digitally deliver popular software titles like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows directly to eligible students, faculty, and staff through a fully customized WebStore.

The platform provides end-user authentication, policy enforcement, e-commerce (if required), and settlement & reporting services in addition to both the secure digital and physical fulfillment of Microsoft software and unique serial numbers.

Licensing Prerequisites

Your organization may be eligible to access the Kivuto platform at no charge if it participates in one of the following Microsoft Academic Volume License Agreements:

  • Microsoft Open Value Subscription – Education Solutions (OVS-ES) Agreement
  • Microsoft Campus/School Agreement (CASA)
  • Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Agreement