Are you a student or faculty member? Visit OnTheHub for discounted software and support or Texidium for eText support.

Your Gateway to the Education Market

Kivuto provides solutions and services that connect software vendors to the education market. Whether you want to create a full-fledged academic volume licensing program or just increase your brand visibility among students and educators, Kivuto can help.

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Sell Direct to Students

Provide exclusive offers to academic users through OnTheHub. Used by over seven million students each year, OnTheHub is an online marketplace of academically discounted digital resources where you can offer your software alongside products from top vendors.

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Leverage Kivuto's Platform

Take advantage of Kivuto’s industry-leading platform for managing and delivering software licenses and other digital resource. With Kivuto’s technology, you can make your products available to students and educators through your own branded online store and under your terms and conditions.

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Build and Manage Academic Programs

Offer an academic program to drive adoption of your products and accelerate growth in the education market. Our experts will work with you to create a custom academic program or help deliver your existing academic program to schools.

Navigating New Environments in Education

Kivuto partners with IBM to empower learners and educators to succeed in the digital world. With the global pandemic, the overnight shift to online learning caused unprecedented challenges for academic institutions around the world. Kivuto and IBM worked together to offer assistance to institutions during this trying time.

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Kivuto & IBM – Partner Heroes Navigating New Environments in Education
Kivuto & IBM provide students and faculty access to digital and academic resources on-demand and at no cost from their personal machines.

Meet Dave: Your Brand Advocate
Get students hooked on your software to create lifelong brand advocates like Dave.

Create Lifelong Customers

The software students use at school will become their tools of preferences in their future careers. Establishing your products in the education market today will have a lasting impact on future retail and enterprise sales.

Your Education Partner

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Your Products,
Your Rules

With advanced user verification, configurable business rules, and full license lifecycle management, Kivuto enforces your terms and conditions and ensures that only eligible users can access your offers.

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Built for

Leverage technology built specifically for the education market. Kivuto provides all the verification, distribution, reporting, and other tools required to create and deliver academic offers.

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Trusted by
Schools Worldwide

With over 20,000 school partners worldwide and 20 years of experience serving academic institutions, Kivuto’s deep knowledge of the education market can help establish your brand.

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Secure and

Kivuto’s technology adheres to strict accessibility, privacy, and data-compliance standards to ensure that all students can access the resources they need without risk to their private information.

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