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Make a Wish and American Ninja Warrior

Helping a Child’s Make-A-Wish Come True

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There’s nothing like the joy of a child living their dreams. We were happy to help Logan, a seven-year-old fan of American Ninja Warrior with a heart condition, experience the season finale of the sports competition in Las Vegas, Nevada thanks to Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario.

We raised $10,000 to help Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario make Logan’s wish possible through two years of fundraising through ping-pong tournaments, bake sales, raffles, and more.

Logan found out his wish came true in June through an adventure fit for a ninja: a surprise American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course at our space. Logan passed it – streamers, hopscotch, hula hoops and all – with flying colors!

“Stuff like this makes a difference in a child’s life,” Graham Irvine, Logan’s father, told us in a touching speech. “It gives us hope about the future, about medicine, and the support you people do.”

Make-A-Wish is fantastic at giving children the VIP treatment, granting wishes to 350,000 children since 1980. Logan and his family rode in style in a limo from their home to Ottawa’s airport before jet-setting to Vegas to take in the exciting American Nina Warrior finale.

Want to support Make-A-Wish? Visit and help a child receive their wish.


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