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Texidium, by Kivuto

Going Digital: How Schools, Students, and Faculty Benefit From Texidium

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Texidium by Kivuto is an eReader that lets students and faculty access digital textbooks on any device, anywhere, any time – online and offline. Texidium reduces resource costs, opens immediate access to course material and software, and creates a collaborative learning experience. Here are some of the many ways that students, educators, and schools as a whole benefit from the platform.

Benefits for students

  • Receive significant discounts on digital resources.
  • Mark up pages and tag notes to organize key info in any book for better studying.
  • Highlight and color-code key quotes, definitions, data and more for easy reviewing later.
  • Sort and search through all books in a snap with a built-in library, chapter and page navigation.
  • Take resources on-the-go with mobile-friendly eReader apps that offer rich experiences on all screen sizes.
  • All notes taken and shared with peers sync across all devices in real time.

Benefits for Educators

  • Save time and enjoy an enhanced learning environment where all students have the same up-to-date resources from day one.
  • Quickly and easily incorporate text with reference directly into lectures from the digital resource portal.
  • Create a more interactive learning environment for students by sharing instructor and student notes and highlights.
  • Reference and use resources in class with the reassurance that students can access the same resources on their device, online and offline.
  • Improved understanding of student performance with advanced analytics for tracking student engagement and usage.

Benefits for Schools

  • Enjoy a rapid, cost-effective, all-encompassing way to go digital.
  • Strengthen your leadership in the areas of educational technology and innovation.
  • Receive implementation consulting services for adopting eTexts.
  • Address accessibility requirements with a solution that adheres to guidelines.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for inventory and shipping.
  • Generate accurate budgets and forecasts based on 100% of students receiving 100% of their resources.
  • Receive multilingual product support for students, faculty, and staff by toll-free phone and email.

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