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e5 v3.27 Release Notes

ELMS 3.27 – Release Notes for ELMS Administrators

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Release date: December 8, 2016, 12:00-2:00 p.m. UTC

Version 3.27 of ELMS includes new features and improvements that enhance functionality and the experience of administrators and end users. See below for a summary of changes that may affect you.

Streamlined Order/Checkout Process

  • Users will be able to order products in fewer clicks and with less confusion.

Office 365 Single Sign-On Support

  • Organizations will be able to integrate their Office 365 account with their WebStore through the OpenID Connect protocol.
  • Configuring this verification method will allow users to sign in to the WebStore through your organization’s Office 365 sign-in page.

New Email Alert Options

  • Administrators who perform user imports will have the option to be notified by email of any users who still haven’t finalized their registration 30 days after they were imported.

Enhanced Accessibility

  • Users who rely on screen-reading software will have an easier time navigating the WebStore.

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