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e-academy Expands Rental Software Catalog with Addition of SSI’s HLM and LISREL Statistics Programs

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e-academy Expands Rental Software Catalog with Addition of SSI’s HLM and LISREL Statistics Programs

September 20, 2001 – e-academy and Scientific Software International (SSI) today announced that HLM and LISREL, two statistics software programs, are now available as part of e-academy’s unique digital distribution system. This system enables students and faculty worldwide to rent the software for a semester or a year rather than paying full retail price.

The rental and subscription capabilities of e-academy’s distribution system offer flexible licensing policies to software publishers and users alike. This System automatically enables a user to convert from a trial license to a rental license without the need to download the software again. When a rental period expires, the user is automatically offered a rental renewal. Version management is easily handled by the system with a download automatically beginning if a newer version of the program is available upon renewal.

Another unique feature of the system is its differential pricing capability, whereby a portion of the cost of a rental license can be applied to a subsequent renewal of the license or conversion to a perpetual license. SSI is offering flexible pricing on renewals of twelve month rentals and conversion from rental licenses to perpetual licenses.

Said Leo Stam, President, SSI, Inc., “We are delighted to work with e-academy in making our main products, LISREL and HLM, available to the scientific community as a short-term rental option. Now that the statistical methods that these programs implement are becoming mainstream in academic research and education alike and with the rapidly changing information environment, it is crucial that we increase the availability and affordability of these products greatly. e-academy provides us with that opportunity.”

It is common for software publishers to offer reduced capability versions of software at academic pricing. With e-academy’s software security and academic authentication capabilities however, SSI is offering the complete versions of HLM 5.04 and LISREL 8.5 for a 15-day trial period, a 6-month rental and 12-month rental license.

Said e-academy CEO Ram Raju, “e-academy is very pleased to be enhancing our rental software offerings with SSI’s software. This is yet another indication that the rental software model works for both the academic community as well as software publishers.”

Standard pricing for HLM and LISREL is $430 and $575 respectively. Through e-academy’s program, students and faculty can now obtain HLM for six months at $50 or for one year at $90. LISREL is offered at $60 for six months or $100 for one year. The fifteen-day trial is free of charge. Proof of academic status is required to try and rent both programs.

Students and faculty who wish to purchase the software can download it directly from the e-academy website. e-academy’s secure encryption process protects against piracy while allowing users 24-hour access to the software they need. Once installed, all features of the software are available throughout the rental or trial period.

About SSI, Inc.

Scientific Software International (SSI) has been publishing statistical data analysis software since 1972. The company’s most widely used programs are LISREL and HLM. LISREL is the structural equation modeling program by Professors Karl Jöreskog and Dag Sörbom, University of Uppsala, Sweden. HLM is a program for analysis of multistage sampling designs under the hierarchical linear model, by Professor Anthony Bryk, University of Chicago, Professor Stephen Raudenbush, University of Michigan, and Richard Congdon, Harvard University. Another main focus is Item Response Theory (IRT) based software.

For more information, contact: SSI, Inc., 7383 N. Lincoln Avenue, Suite 100, Lincolnwood, IL 60712-1704; tel: +1.800.613.2447 or +1.847.675.0720; fax: +1.847.675.2140; email:; or visit


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