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ELMS v4.8 Release Notes

ELMS 4.8 – Release Notes

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Release date: 19 February 2019.

ELMS has been updated! Version 4.8 includes new features and improvements that enhance the experience for administrators and end users. See below for a summary of changes that may affect you.


Recurrent Billing

  • Administrators can now configure recurrent billing for subscription-based products.
  • Users who order Adobe Creative Cloud, IBM Marketplace, or a similar subscription can be automatically billed for renewal every six or 12 months.

Clear Currency Indication

  • The currency in which prices are displayed on WebStores is now indicated with clear text in the top-right corner of the page rather than a national flag.
  • This will make it easier for users to determine what currency they’re viewing prices in.

A Friendlier WebStore

  • The menu in the top-right of your WebStore now greets users by their first name (when known by the system) instead of their username or email address.
  • Schools that would rather not display users’ names or usernames can use the new “Hide Usernames” option. Users on these stores will see the word “Options” as the menu’s label.
  • The Hide Usernames option is particularly useful for schools that assign long strings as usernames, which may look unsightly when displayed on a WebStore.

Risk-Free Proxy Orders

  • New safeguards have been introduced to prevent unintended results when placing an order on another user’s behalf.
  • Subscriptions that need to be added to an external account (e.g. IBM Marketplace) are now exempt from proxy orders. To prevent duplicate accounts from being created, these subscriptions can only be ordered by the account-holder.

Subscription Instructions

  • After ordering a subscription-based product, while waiting for the subscription to be fulfilled, users are shown new messaging that clearly indicates what the next steps will be.

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