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ELMS v4.5 - Release Notes

ELMS 4.5 – Release Notes

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Release date: July 31, 2018

ELMS has been updated! Version 4.5 includes new features and improvements that enhance the experience for administrators and end users. See below for a summary of changes that may affect you.


An Improved Administration Interface

  • Administrators no longer see pages and options they can’t access on the administration site.
  • New tooltips and messaging have been added to help administrators navigate and understand the administration site.
  • Buttons are hidden until clicking them will have an effect, so it’s clear when a selection or some other action on your part is needed.
  • More improvements to come!

Improvements to Kivuto Cloud

  • Kivuto Cloud now supports the Adobe VIP program for school departments.
  • Schools that use Kivuto Cloud for Adobe can choose to allow users to create Adobe Creative Cloud accounts using a personal email address instead of a school-issued email address.
  • For school-wide implementations, users can be automatically provisioned licenses in the cloud service they’re trying to access when they sign in to that service.



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