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ELMS 4.0 – Release Notes for ELMS Administrators

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Release date: August 1, 2017

Version 4.0 of ELMS includes new features and improvements that enhance functionality and the experience for administrators and end users. See below for a summary of changes that may affect you.

New Features and Improvements

New “Order Details” and “Order Invoice” Pages

  • Order information has been split into two locations to make it easier for users to find what they need.
  • Product keys, activation codes, and links to download software, redeem products or activate subscriptions (i.e. delivery information) are found on the new Order Details page.
  • Financial and transactional information about an order (i.e. receipt information) is found on the new Order Invoice page.
  • Each new page links to the other and is easily accessible through your Orders & Downloads list.

More Informative Alerts

  • More information has been added to Order Placed alert emails.
  • These alerts will now display details such as the name, country and state/province of the WebStore from which they originated.
  • This change will reduce the amount of time alert recipients have to spend generating reports to gather order information.

Improved Messaging When No Products are Visible

  • The message shown to users who see no products when they visit a WebStore has been refined to include more helpful information and instructions.
  • This change will reduce confusion among users who navigate to a WebStore and find no products available for them to order.

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