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e5 v3.29 Release Notes

ELMS 3.29 – Release Notes for ELMS Administrators

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Release date: May 24, 2017

Version 3.29 of ELMS includes new features and improvements that enhance functionality and the experience for administrators and end users. See below for a summary of changes that may affect you.

New Features and Improvements

Single Sign-On Verification from ELMS to Office 365

  • Changes to the way Office 365 accounts and licenses are provisioned will make it possible for users to sign in to Office 365 using their WebStore sign-in credentials.

New Subscription Expiry Notifications

  • A new banner message in ELMS will notify administrators when a subscription tied to their WebStore is close to expiring.
  • This notification will help administrators keep their subscriptions current and avoid unnecessary downtime due to subscription expiry.

New Eligibility and Compliance Safeguards

  • User verification expiry dates will be restricted to a maximum of four years from the date they are set.
  • This limit will help administrators enforce program compliance by ensuring that users are not able to order products after their eligibility to do so expires.

More Visible Support Information

  • The ELMS Administration home page for Microsoft Imagine administrators is being redesigned to make support contact information easier to find.

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