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ELMS Express - Five Features

5 Things Schools Should Know About ELMS Express

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If you’re subscribed to Adobe licensing, Microsoft Student Option, Microsoft Work at Home and more through us, you’ve seen how our ELMS (Electronic License Management System) Direct WebStore simplifies getting software securely to your students, faculty, and staff.

Ready for the next level? Meet ELMS Express. Going Express means having full access to our range of customization options and the ability to manage all the software you need. Here are five features of ELMS Express that you should know:

  • Direct vs. Express: Express gives you the power to distribute any software you have the rights to, all through your existing WebStore. You can now combine all your software licensing in one place. Express users have an account manager on hand for both training and ongoing support. We’ll help you set up your schools’ prices and recover costs by charging the end user by credit card or billing code.
  • Express Speed: with Express, you can set up products on your school WebStore in as little as an hour. Express makes software distribution easy, simple, and intuitive, saving you time and resources.
  • School Success: institutions currently benefitting from ELMS Express include Harvard University, Stanford University, Northwestern University, McGill University, and Queen’s University among others. The flexibility of our system allows these schools to drastically reduce the administrative burden associated with managing site licenses.
  • Customization Options: you can choose to display products to certain users at different prices, customize emails sent to users such as order receipts and alerts, customize the WebStore layout, and more.
  • Software Available: distribute even more popular titles through your WebStore such as SPSS, EndNote, Mathematica, Stata, Microsoft Imagine, and VMAP.

Want a walkthrough of ELMS Express? Get in touch with our team at for a full overview. Enjoy the upgrade!


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