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NERCOMP Webinar: 2020 Survey

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A New Era of Learning Brings Complex Challenges for Academic IT

Today’s students are training for careers that will almost all require some use of tech or software, making technology integral to education. To meet the needs of students and modern education standards, schools must provide access to a wide variety of software, eTextbooks, cloud services, and other digital resources.

So how does this new era of learning impact academic IT teams? How are the increasing number of digital licenses and entitlements being managed on campuses today? What are the frustrations involved, and what would it take to overcome them? To answer these questions, Kivuto partnered with University Business to survey nearly 200 technology leaders from universities and colleges in the United States about managing and distributing academic digital resources in this time of digital transformation. In this webinar, we will present the findings of the survey and identify how Kivuto can help.


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