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Microsoft Webinar: Making the Transition to Digital Textbooks

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Thursday, March 15 | 12:00PM – 1:00PM EST

See how easy it is to implement a digital textbook program, make the transition from print to digital textbooks, and drive digital transformation at your institution. Jeremy McQuigge from Algonquin College in Ottawa shares why the transition to digital textbooks through Texidium has been a crucial step for the school and how it has affected student success. Transitioning to digital textbooks can provide significant cost savings to institutions and increase student retention.

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Kelly Smyth

Kelly Smyth
Vice President Business Development, Texidium

Kelly Smyth has many years of experience in the educational sphere, providing expertise in the higher education market and across the spectrum of leading-edge learning technologies. Prior to joining Kivuto, Kelly was Vice President of Sales at Nelson Education and has held numerous management positions within the publishing industry.

Jeremy McQuigge

Jeremy McQuigge
Manager Digital Resources, Algonquin College

Jeremy McQuigge is a student experience advocate, author, engagement facilitator, and educator. His research, including a framework for Modern Collegiate Experiences, has been presented at national and international conferences. He is currently Canadian Network and Ontario Chair for the Association for Orientation, Transition and Retention in Higher Education. Most recently he published a textbook entitled, The Essential Guide to Becoming a Master Student, 1st Canadian Edition


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