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Simplify License and Entitlement Management in Education

IT teams in higher education are struggling to manage the software and resource demands of students, staff, and faculty.

Managing software licenses and entitlements in higher education is complex. Doing so securely and in compliance with all applicable laws, terms, and conditions can be downright chaotic. To calm this chaos, IT teams need the right infrastructure and governance. They need visibility into usage and adoption rates to ensure compliance and make informed procurement decisions. In some cases, they may need the ability to recover license costs in order to stay on budget.

This year at EDUCAUSE, Kivuto will discuss how our solution solves the prevailing challenges faced by school IT departments – particularly those associated with adapting to named-user licensing – as well as the growing importance of compliance and security and the ever-changing needs of students and faculty.

We’ve prepared use-case demos on the following issues.

  • Why is moving all software and resources to one centralized platform a best practice for schools?
  • What is required to be secure and compliant, and how can schools get there?
  • How can IT control and even recoup licensing costs?
  • How can insights into usage and resource adoption through on-demand reporting help schools stay compliant and make better purchasing decisions?

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