We are evolving!

Over the last 15 years, we became the global leader for electronic software delivery solutions and license compliance for the education market. Serving the education market is complex; and our solutions continue to adapt to the changing landscape. Today, I am writing to you as we enter the next step in our evolution. We are expanding beyond the education market to bring our expertise and technology to other organizations; in particular, small and medium businesses, corporations and governments. To signify this transformation, e-academy is now called Kivuto Solutions, Inc.

We started with a simple idea: to maximize and simplify access to software for education. This quickly became a mission to change the way software companies distributed their products. This mission drove us to continuously bring innovative solutions; not only to how we do business, but to the entire industry.

I take great pride in our accomplishments. To name a few: we have pioneered academic software rentals, introduced global freeware programs that have given educators, staff and students no-cost access to the tools they need in the classroom and provided academic organizations in over 195 countries with an environmentally friendly software distribution solution. Our achievements have helped students, faculty and staff access affordable learning tools and we will continue innovating to bring value to the academic community in the future.

The education market is not the only place where we can bring value. Our team and proven solutions are ready to move into broader markets. Our new name, Kivuto Solutions, Inc., is a representation of our flexibility as well as renewed passion and drive to expand access of software and other digital goods across many verticals including commercial and governmental organizations.

Today, as Kivuto, we bring our expertise, technology and drive to empower a broader range of organizations that share our goal to increase the availability of digital goods on which people rely. We remain committed to serving the education market and our current relationships are of utmost importance to us. We are excited for what the future holds and are looking forward to bringing our proven capabilities, skillsets and expertise into new sectors.

Best Regards,

Ram Raju, President & Founder

Kivuto Solutions Inc.