Simplify and accelerate your eText transformation

Developed by Kivuto in collaboration with Algonquin College, Nelson Education and Pearson, the Texidium solution is the most reliable, comprehensive, end-to-end eText and digital course material delivery solution ever built. Texidium is a proud member and supporter of the Readium and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).

Texidium guides and equips institutions with all the needed materials to accelerate eText transformation through their organization. Texidium’s vision is to facilitate academic institutions’ transition to eText and digital resources by enabling student success, enriching the user experience for students and educators, and streamlining the process for administration.

Built for easy adoption, the modular platform is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of requirements of needs including the transition to an institutional purchase model. It includes four main components: Publisher Asset Library, eText Adoption System, Digital Resource Portal and an eReader Platform.


Kivuto Algonquin


Four Main Components

Publisher Asset Library

A repository of publisher’s eText information streamlines the faculty’s selection process, by providing access to textbook information, pricing and other important aspects.

eText Adoption System

Texidium simplifies the adoption of eTexts by faculty with an online platform that allows them to easily research and select resources, both in print and digital format, from the Publisher Asset Library database.

Digital Resource Portal

Texidium leverages Kivuto’s world leading electronic license management system to provide a digital resource deployment solution. This system enables institutions to quickly and securely deliver personalized resources to students.

eReader Platform

Texidium offers a cloud-based eReader designed with the student learning experience in mind, addressing accessibility compliance and responsive design best practices. Available on all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web) for use on and offline.

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