Dr. Joseph Paul Cevetello

Senior Advisor, Sinica Advisors
Former Assistant Chief Information Officer, University of Southern California

Dr. Joseph Paul Cevetello

Senior Advisor, Sinica Advisors
Former Assistant Chief Information Officer, University of Southern California


Dr. Cevetello is Senior Advisor at Sinica Advisors, a global advisory for analytics, research, and strategy to universities and early-stage ventures in education, technology, and media.

Prior to joining Sinica Advisors, Dr. Cevetello was Assistant Chief Information Officer for Learning Technologies, Information Technology Services at the University of Southern California. In this role, he directed strategy, vision, and operations for USC’s Technology Enhanced Learning Organization and provided leadership toward fulfilling the strategic goals for educational technology set forth in USC’s academic plan. He had primary responsibility for a $5million per annum initiative to build and support physical and virtual learning spaces to enhance learning, teaching, research, and outreach on campus, in the community, and at a distance. In 2013, the Chronicle of Higher Education recognized him as one of the Top 100 Technology Innovators in higher education.

Before joining USC, Joseph consulted with KPMG for the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As Engagement Manager and Lead Consultant, he designed and documented the information technology strategy for this landmark undertaking; the largest university project in the 21st century (Cost $12.5 billon). Upon opening in September 2009, KAUST became one of the largest endowed universities in the world and is targeted to be amongst the top five universities for science and technology in five to ten years.

Previous Achievements:

  • Received his masters and his doctorate from the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University
  • Senior Director of Information Technology and Director of Academic Technology at Loyola Marymount University
  • Consultant to a number of higher-education institutions and organizations including the University of Chicago, Harvard University, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Austrian National Bank, and the World Bank
  • At Harvard and MIT he instructed courses on Adult Development, Educational Philosophy, Education for Social Change, and the History of Education Technology
  • Instructor and coordinator for information technology in the MPA Masters program at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University
  • Received numerous grants and fellowship including:The Perry Chapman Prize (2013), James N. Snitzler Scholarship, Harvard University (2001), Action for Children’s Television (ACT) Fellowship (1999), Spencer Research Apprentice Grant (1998)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/josephcevetello

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josephcevetello

Interesting Fact

1. Joseph is an avid audiophile who has a vintage tube stereo system that dates from 1960.  He also collects vintage vinyl records and prefers mono to stereo recordings.

2. He spent 9 months in Saudi Arabia helping to launch the largest private university project of the last 50 years. While there he became an avid diver and has over 30 dives in the Red Sea.

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