Dr. Jeff D Borden

Chief Innovation Officer,
Saint Leo University

Dr. Jeff D Borden

Chief Innovation Officer,
Saint Leo University


Dr. Jeff D Borden is the ‘Chief Innovation Officer’ at Saint Leo University.  For two decades, Jeff has focused on trying to transform higher education.  From 2002-2014, Jeff worked as a Vice President with Pearson Education, providing an academic vision and strategy that encompassed digital learning, neo-millennial methods, authentic assessment, and beyond.    As the Center for eLearning Director, Jeff pursued rigorous research opportunities as he led the ‘think tank’ of educational innovation.  During that time Dr. Borden consulted with educators in every U.S. state, led transformative efforts in 34 countries, provided almost 100 keynote presentations to audiences of 100-10,000 almost weekly, and spoke with stakeholders from teachers to principals to college administrators to government officials.   Prior to his private sector work, Jeff taught full time at the University of Northern Colorado, Front Range Community College, and was the Coordinator of Public Speaking at Metropolitan State College of Denver.  At the same time, in twenty years, Dr. Borden has never taken a semester off from teaching Communication, Rhetoric, and Education classes at various levels – from technical schools to community colleges to state and private universities.

In Dr. Borden’s current role at Saint Leo (Associate VP of Learning Innovation and Academic Technology), he is creating a learning innovation incubator and promoting transformational and effective practices, at scale, that are research driven.   These strategies tie back to Jeff’s platform of “Education 3.0” – the confluence of neuroscience, learning design, and education technology.  Through this lens, Dr. Borden plans to use his extensive history consulting, teaching, and researching to provide a fertile bed of innovation.  Jeff continues to blog for Wired.com’s Innovation site, is asked to speak at numerous conferences each year, and promotes research / publications in Education, Technology, and Communication.


Blog: http://innovation.saintleo.edu

Twitter: @bordenj

Website: http://jeffpresents.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/prospeaker

To see the Short-Film around Education 3.0 and the future of learning – “School of Thought” – that Jeff wrote and produced: http://youtu.be/yQRdIZR_LYY?list=PLy6xIE2-SrEkoHwjXvIz0R7QLaUQXcaII

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