Leverage effective academic market solutions

As the global leader in academic software delivery and marketing solutions for the past 15 years, we can help deliver your product into the hands of qualified students, teachers, faculty and staff. We offer effective marketing solutions that will help increase the visibility of your brand, products and services in any academic market.

Through our established presence in the education market, we have created a global network of academic webstores with over 15 million students, faculty and staff members (through school-branded webstores and the award winning OnTheHub™ portal). We understand the behaviors of this particular market and can provide strategic, highly relevant marketing tools, assets and services to enhance your brand with this target audience.

Designed to reach your market

Our academic marketing services offer unrivaled scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of any digital distribution process:

  • Extensive Global Coverage: 195 Countries
    • Connected to over 60,000 academic organizations and departments
    • Ability to target all or specific countries and regions
  • Millions of users
    • Ability to segment by student and/or faculty and staff
    • Geographic and/or school-based targeting
  • Increasing footprint
    • 30 percent year-over-year growth in visits to our network

Recognized for excellence

Kivuto's marketing services team has been recognized worldwide for innovation that delivers results.

MarCom 2015 Platinum Award

Our Corel Teacher Try-It Report received an award in the Business to Business category.


Two Davey 2014 Gold Awards

Our Kivuto and OnTheHub websites received two Web Graphics awards.


Six Davey 2014 Silver Awards

Our Student Advantage page received five Davey Silver Awards in the Education, Professional Services, Self-Promotion, Video/Moving Images and Visual Appeal categories.

Our OnTheHub Student Essentials Contest page received an award in the Visual Appeal category.


One 2014 Communicator Award of Distinction

Our OnTheHub website received a Communicator award in the Visual Appeal category.


Three 2014 W³ Silver Awards

Our ELMS for Office 365 page received one Silver award for the Professional Services category and two Silver awards in the Home Page and Visual Appeal categories.


2013 W³ Gold Award

Our OnTheHub website received a gold award in the Visual Appeal category.


Three W³ 2013 Silver Awards

Our OnTheHub website received three Silver awards in the Software, Home Page, and User Experience categories.


2013 Davey Silver Award

Our OnTheHub website received a Silver Davey Award in the Visual Appeal category and the Retail categories.


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  • Our marketing services team has been recognized for effectively delivering results to our clients. 
  • In the past 2 years alone, we have earned 18 awards for creating captivating online experiences in support of both Kivuto-owned campaigns and client initiatives.