Extend your reach with targeted email campaigns

Email communications are an essential part of any effective digital marketing program. They create awareness and extend the reach of marketing, sales, and distribution programs for digital goods.

Through a growing network of over 60,000 academic and commercial organizations and departments, Kivuto Solutions provides highly targeted email marketing services to help you access the academic market as part of its complete, integrated portfolio of digital marketing services.

Highly targeted and highly relevant email campaigns

Our email marketing campaigns are structured to deliver relevant content to targeted, online, academic communities as part of a one-time effort or as part of a complete, strategic long-term campaign. They ensure that your message reaches the right audience with the right offer at the right time to deliver higher open rates and click-through rates for all of your digital distribution programs.

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We take care of everything

Our marketing team will work with you to develop and manage your campaign from start to finish. And our complete service approach includes everything you need for a successful email marketing effort:
  • Assistance with creative development, as required
  • Scheduling the most appropriate time to send your campaign
  • Editing (multilingual copy is also available)
  • HTML coding
  • Testing against all mail programs (to ensure your e-mail is compatible with all potential clients)
  • Compatibility testing with multiple browsers
  • Ensuring emails are mobile friendly
  • Link tagging (properly track clicks and conversions)
  • A/B testing
  • Distribution
  • Campaign reporting, including open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate

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