Use analytics to gather specific and actionable information

Specific, detailed information can help you determine the effectiveness of your digital distribution program.

Kivuto provides program reporting and analysis as part of its complete portfolio of digital marketing services.

Get greater program insight

A Kivuto analytics package provides detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you track the success of your digital distribution program. This includes KPIs such as product sales, traffic patterns, visitor trends, daily interactions on the site, and more.

With a detailed Kivuto analytics report you will have greater insight into your customer base, the performance of your web store, and the effectiveness of other marketing activities. This will help you understand the online interactions related to your digital distribution program, develop a stronger relationship with your customers, and enable you to make more informed business decisions.

Reports you need

Kivuto's analytics packages include:

  • Full web store KPI reports
  • In-depth analysis of web store traffic
  • Understanding of customer behaviour and interactions

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