Raise your profile, build your brand, and increase sales

All Kivuto digital marketing services are optimized to deliver the highest return on your digital marketing investment by ensuring your online presence is delivering the right prospects to your site at all times. By leveraging our reach into exclusive academic communities, you can raise your profile, build your brand, and increase sales among qualified students, teachers, faculty, and staff.

Maximize the value of your online marketing spend

As part of our complete digital marketing service offerings, our team of digital distribution experts will analyze your web store and any supporting landing pages to ensure the appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) practices are used, and that the visitor experience is always simple and effective.

Working with you, our team will use its knowledge of best practices for efficient and effective digital distribution and management to maximize conversion rates and usability. Benefits of our services include:

  • Highly targeted ads to reach those most likely to buy
  • Qualified traffic for a reduced visitor bounce rate
  • SEO improves visibility in search results, attracting organic traffic
  • A/B testing on design and content enables us to create the best possible collateral to increase conversions
  • Specialized insight into customer demographics
  • Link optimization services help to enhance the visitor experience and increase conversions
  • Creative web development, copywriting, and graphic design to create micro-sites, landing pages and even social media apps that enhance your brand or offering to any audience.
  • Multiple languages supported

Convert visitors to customers

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Kivuto’s outstanding work with software publishing services is the perfect solution for Parallels and our student market strategy. Year over year they continue to impress us with their modern designs as well as breadth and depth into the student market.