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Kivuto Solutions partneres with major software publishers, thousands of schools and their academic resellers to facilitate the distribution of discounted software. Our technology and webstores reduce distribution and verification costs, allowing us to pass on even more savings to students, parents, faculty, and staff.

Discounts through your school

We provide thousands of schools with custom webstores to give eligible academic members incredible discounts on software needed for school. These webstores are where you can buy personal-use licenses by Microsoft, Adobe and many other software publishers at discounts of up to 90 percent off retail prices. Use our Search Portal to see if your school is part of this amazing network.

Discounts through the OnTheHub eStore

If your school does not have a webstore, we have you covered! The award winning OnTheHub eStore is where students, faculty and staff worldwide have access to academically discounted software by publishers like IBM, JMP, Microsoft, Minitab, National Instruments, Parallels and more. Semester and yearly software rentals are also available for select titles.

OnTheHub is your complete guide to finding great deals on the software you need for school. Go there now to learn more about all the discounts, offers, contests and more available to you.

Remember to stay connected – we are always adding new offers, webstores and contests for you to enjoy.

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  • We work with software publishers, schools and resellers to offer software at the most affordable prices to students, faculty and staff
  • Eligible members can take advantage of academic offers through their school webstore and the global OnTheHub eStore

Thank you for your support, the resources I have received are instrumental for my continuing success with my classwork, internship experience, and practical applications on the job. Thanks again!

Anthony U