Get your software into the hands of qualified users anywhere

Kivuto digital distribution solutions offer multiple, effective methods of getting your software into the hands of qualified end users under any terms and conditions.

Reduce licensing and management costs

We provide thousands of organizations with custom-branded webstore platforms engineered to minimize the costs associated with software licensing and management. Each Kivuto webstore provides your users with 24/7 access to your software titles through an intuitive and secure interface, regardless of their location -- whether on campus, at work, or at home. These solutions offer a flexible and customizable way of distributing your software according to your licensing requirements.

Target the academic market

We have more than 15 years of experience providing students, faculty and staff around the world with direct access to market-leading software titles at discounted rates. Our OnTheHub Network and our Global eStore are proven channels to the academic market. They provide a trusted and well-known place for the academic community to access software titles at the lowest prices.

Key benefits

  • User verification: Distribute software and digital goods to eligible users on terms set by you and enforced by the Kivuto Electronic License Management System (ELMS)
  • Effortless delivery: End tedious manual software distribution via our seamless, cloud-based Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) system
  • Financial settlements: Support internal financial reconciliation and potential cost recovery through the Kivuto Global e-commerce payment and settlement engine (POS collection via multiple payment/currency methods and reseller/tax remission)
  • Easy-to-use interface: Organize software by offering and license eligibility via an intuitive web store interface
  • Reporting: Access detailed, real-time on-demand reporting and tracking of all transactions
  • Inventory control: Manage license distribution and compliance with a real-time inventory alarm system
  • Enhanced security: Maintain the integrity of all information with a secure web store built with 128-bit SSL encryption, VeriSign security, ISO 27001:2005 certification, and PCI compliance
  • And much more!

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