Solve your complex digital distribution challenges

Kivuto's integrated portfolio of digital distribution and management solutions enables small-to-medium businesses and enterprises to provide employees, partners, and clients with secure, reliable, 24/7 access to software and other digital goods through a custom-branded online web portal or webstore.

Deliver digital goods to any qualified user

Our distribution solutions are ideal for offering company discounts, home use programs, reducing IT costs, or having a hosted, e-commerce solution. Whether your requirements are for distributing volume licensing, personal licensing or unique licensing agreements to special groups in your organization, we have you covered.

Reduce software distribution and management costs

With a customized Kivuto webstore branded to your company or organization, you can avoid the high costs of purchasing and issuing physical media or maintaining servers.

A turnkey Kivuto digital distribution solution enables any business to easily distribute software and digital goods to multiple qualified users. It provides hosted e-commerce services, while remaining in compliance with volume, personal and unique licensing agreements, such as home use licensing programs. And it structures the digital distribution process to address the needs of users on different terms, based on location, language, and user group, to support employees, partners and clients anywhere in the world.

Leverage a world-leading platform

Our hosted webstores enable you to distribute licenses and digital goods all over the world to verified users using the Kivuto Electronic License Management System (ELMS). This proprietary all-in-one platform can be configured to manage the complete digital distribution process or specific functions, as needed.

Key benefits of ELMS

  • User Verification: Distribute software and licenses to eligible users on terms set by you or the software publisher and enforced by ELMS
  • Effortless Delivery: End tedious manual software distribution via our seamless, cloud-based Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) system
  • Financial Settlements: Support multiple payment methods and currencies and easily integrate distribution with your current financial system for reconciliation and potential cost recovery
  • Easy-to-use Interface: Organize software by offering and license eligibility, via an intuitive webstore interface
  • Reporting: Access detailed, real-time on-demand reporting and tracking of all transactions
  • Inventory Control: Manage license distribution and compliance with a real-time inventory alarm system
  • Enhanced Security: Maintain the integrity of all information with a secure webstore built with 128-bit SSL encryption, VeriSign security, ISO 27001:2005 certification, and PCI compliance

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  • Provide qualified users with 24/7 access to software and goods via a custom branded webstore 
  • Reduce IT and hosting costs. Kivuto’s cloud based ELMS platform makes distribution and management painless