Efficient, cost-effective license management

Kivuto simplifies the management of all your institutional software licenses with ELMS Express, a site license management system for academic institutions that delivers software for free, or for a charge, directly to your end user community.

With ELMS Express you can drastically reduce the administrative burden associated with managing site licenses. This allows your institution to easily recover costs and focus its energies on other business processes.

Built for flexibility and performance

ELMS Express is built on the Kivuto Electronic License Management System (ELMS), the most flexible, secure, scalable and customizable digital distribution and management platform on the market. This powerful platform provides verification, account management, e-commerce, secure distribution, reporting and more in a cloud-based environment specifically engineered for advanced digital distribution and management applications. It ensures all verified users have 24/7 access to your digital goods anywhere in the world.

Why choose ELMS Express?

Based on more than 15 years delivering custom solutions to academic organizations around the world, Kivuto turnkey digital distribution and management solutions minimize the administrative and technical work associated with software license management and distribution. Our custom web portals and web stores reduce distribution and verification costs. And they make it easier for academic institutions to take full advantage of academic software licensing programs.

Key benefits

Affordable solution

  • Low and no-cost options
  • Transactional pricing model
  • No annual set-up or maintenance fees

Academic user verification

  • Integrated User Verification (IUV) or Shibboelth Single Sign-on enables users to sign in with their institutional ID
  • LDAP/AD integration passes user name, academic status, groups and departments
  • API with documentation and sample code makes integration simple
  • Kivuto Solutions is a member of the InCommon Federation and the Canadian Access Federation (CAF )

Policy enforcement options

  • Restrict access by academic status, group, or department
  • Limit license quantities
  • Restrict downloads/distribution
  • Display and/or require signature to custom acceptance forms or End User License Agreements (EULAs)
  • Manage upgrades
  • Restrict cross-eligibility
  • Require admin/purchasing approval prior to order fulfillment
  • Control distribution of time limited licenses

Electronic software delivery

  • Secure key distribution and inventory management
  • Enhanced management of delivery to end users (secure controls for quantity and bandwidth)
  • Multiple secure hosting options
  • Global download server pool
  • Secure Download Manager (SDM) supports both Windows and Mac Operating Systems

Financial settlement

  • Automated payment collection
  • Multiple payment types, including departmental account codes, billing codes and purchase orders
  • Credit card and payment card support
  • Ability to apply tax rules
  • Support for multiple currencies


  • Comprehensive reporting system with centralized and localized auditing capabilities
  • Financial reporting, user reports, license key distribution, and more
  • Real-time, on-demand reports available

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