Deliver Adobe software directly to qualified academic users

Kivuto is the Digital Distribution Service Provider (DDSP) for the Adobe Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement (ETLA) Program for Higher Education worldwide.

As the DDSP, Kivuto provides secure, highly efficient, flexible, and scalable digital distribution and management of select Adobe products to qualified academic end users. This includes academic end user verification, policy enforcement, e-commerce, settlement and reporting services in addition to the secure digital & cloud fulfillment of Adobe software and unique serial numbers.

Under this program, Adobe clients can use Kivuto digital distribution and management solutions to digitally deliver popular software titles, such as Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Applications for ETLA as well as Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe CS6 media directly to eligible students, staff and faculty per the terms of their ETLA.

To engage with Kivuto Solutions, you must have the following agreement in place:

  • Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) in place. You can work with your Adobe account manager to obtain this.
To engage Kivuto and access ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) for software and keys:
  • Please have your Adobe Account manager submit the ETLA request form over to Kivuto
  • We will contact you within two business days to confirm deployment and discuss web store and delivery options.
  • Branded web stores will be deployed to customer(s) based on their requirements.
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