Easily manage and distribute all your licensed software

Kivuto's integrated portfolio of digital distribution and management solutions eliminates the challenges associated with managing and distributing licensed software to university, college, consortium, school, and school district user communities.

Maintain brand identity and reduce costs

Our solutions enable academic institutions to maintain brand identity with their user communities through custom-branded web portals and webstores that reduce the cost and effort associated with distributing licensed software. They enable academic institutions to improve the digital goods shopping experience, while maintaining compliance with license agreements. And they make it easier for end users to take advantage of academic software licensing programs.

Leverage the most flexible, scalable platform

All hosted Kivuto webstores, are enabled by our proprietary Electronic License Management System (ELMS), the most flexible, secure, scalable and customizable digital distribution and management platform on the market.

This all-in-one platform provides verification, account management, e-commerce, secure distribution, reporting and more in a cloud-based environment specifically engineered for advanced digital distribution and management applications. It eliminates the need for academic institutions to purchase and deliver physical media or maintain servers for the distribution of digital goods to their community. And it ensures all verified users have 24/7 access to digital goods anywhere in the world.

University Business Magazine recognized our ELMS platform as a Readers' Choice Top Product in 2014 and 2015. The award allows leaders in higher education to honour and inform their colleagues of products they use to advance their schools in the areas of technology, sustainability, teaching, and more. Learn more.

Key benefits

  • Branded webstore with intuitive, customer friendly interface
  • Online access to low academic pricing of software providing real value to students, faculty and staff
  • Reduced administrative costs via a seamless, cloud-based Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) system
  • Support for cost recovery and other financial settlement needs
  • Powerful real-time reporting and transaction tracking

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Solutions for Academic Institutions



  • We help 60,000+ organizations, institutions and departments easily fulfill their software licensing agreements through custom-branded webstores¬†
  • With minimal effort, your organization will have a store with built-in compliance, distribution and reporting capabilities

Transitioning to Kivuto has been an extremely positive experience for both students and faculty. Kivuto's ability to manage our needs combined with exceptional service has raised redemption rates school wide.