Engineered to deliver any digital good to any market

Kivuto offers digital distribution solutions engineered to enable the delivery of any digital good to any market anywhere in the world.

Our digital distribution solutions, which include the award-winning OnTheHub™ Network eStore, make it easier to get software and other digital goods into the hands of qualified individuals faster and in a more cost-effective manner. They help organizations reduce time-to-market with digital goods, meet and exceed sales objectives, develop market share, and increase revenue by improving the digital goods purchasing experience and streamlining the delivery process.

Solutions tailored for your needs

Our integrated, full-service solutions are designed to provide flexible, scalable and secure software distribution based on licensing agreements, regardless of complexities. They provide efficient user authentication, license management, distribution, online marketing, e-commerce and reporting that enables more cost-effective distribution of digital goods to individuals, businesses, and organizations. All of our digital distribution and management solutions can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of: