Kivuto's involvement with this great foundation

By going to rural and remote areas, the Srikiran Institute works closely with local community leaders and service groups to organize free eye screening clinics. Several hundred patients can be screened in a single day, whereas before they might not have even received care. As a result of contributions made by Kivuto Solutions, the Srikiran Institute has established a permanent eye clinic in the village of Juvvalapalem where there was only a temporary eye camp before providing intermittent care. Now individuals living with vision loss in Juvvalapalem and surrounding areas will be able to receive regular eye care.


A look into Juvvalapalem's Vision Center

Dr. Chandrasekhar counseling patients who have undergone surgery   Patients returning home after receiving treatment at the Srikiran Institute
Patients lined-up at the eye clinic in Juvvalapalem for an initial consultation appointment   Dr. Chandrasekhar cutting the ribbon for the new eye clinic in Juvvalapalem with local dignitaries
Dr. Chandrashekar with Sangeeta and Lakshmi Raju from Canada celebrating the opening of the Kivuto Canada eye clinic in Juvvalapalem   Dr. Chandrasekhar receiving an eye examination with new equipment at the eye clinic in Juvvalapalem

Social Responsibility