Taking an environmental leadership position

At Kivuto we have a culture of environmental responsibility that extends from our office into the community around us. See how we are committed to making a difference.  

Sustainable practices, real results 

Our digital distribution solutions allow customers worldwide to deliver software to market by avoiding packaging and shipping. On average, this saves more than 42,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Our commitment goes beyond our green business model and carbon offsetting initiatives; our employees continue to promote green alternatives on a daily basis and implementing company-wide initiatives for a more environmentally friendly workplace. Initiatives include recycling programs, campaigns to clean local communities, reducing waste at company lunches through reusable dishes and more. In spring of 2015, we reduced our carbon footprint by 16.5 metric tons a year by replacing most of our halogen lights with LED bulbs. This is the equivalent of driving 39,186 km per year. 

Protecting Canada’s wildlife with CPAWS

Our contributions to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) ensure that our environmental efforts have a local impact. CPAWS is focused on the protection of large areas of Canada’s wilderness and the wildlife inside it​.

Social Responsibility