Delivering peace of mind for all digital distribution requirements

All Kivuto digital distribution and management solutions are built on the proprietary Kivuto Electronic License Management System (ELMS).

Built for secure digital transactions

To ensure availability and reliability, the databases that enable the ELMS platform are protected via high-powered, clustered servers connected to a very powerful and reliable Storage Area Network (SAN).

Engineered for reliability

The platform is engineered for high capacity and automatic failover capability. It provides additional redundancy and protection via Availability Group Replicas on physically separate servers with dedicated high-performance storage. This eliminates a potential single point of failure within the network.

Optimized for performance

The platform also makes extensive use of queuing and caching technologies to ensure the best possible performance for webstores and web services with near 100 percent uptime.

Proven worldwide

With this infrastructure, the Kivuto ELMS makes it easier to address complex digital distribution and management requirements quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. It enables the delivery of any digital good to any market under virtually any terms and conditions, or to multiple markets under multiple distribution and business models.

To date, this flexible, reliable platform has served as the foundation for over 24,000 webstores around the world. It enables the distribution of software in 195 countries and supports 14 languages.

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